RG59+2 power cable

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RG59+2 power cable Details


Cable RG59+18/2 Power Cable Standard Specification :
Inner conductor Material CCS/COPPER/CCA
Diameter 0.6mm/0.7mm/0.8mm
Dielectric Material Foam PE/Solid PE
Diameter 3.6mm-3.8mm
Shield 1st shield Al foil/copper foil
2nd shield 32/48/64/80/96/112/128/144/168 Al-Mg /CCAM/Copper/TC
0.10, 0.12, 0.13, 0.14, 0.15, 0.16mm available
Tri- shield Al foil/copper foil
Qual-shield Al-Mg /CCAM/Copper/TC
Jacket Material PVC or PE /PVC Degree: 65,68,70,75 /white or black
Flame retardant, UV, or UL available
Diameter 6.0mm-6.1 mm
Power cable Standard CCAM18AWG7×0.385mm
Black/Red Power Cable
Packing 1000ft with wooden drum, plastic spool, inner color box, pulling box, outer cartons.
Application Used as a distribution cable for indoor CATV, CCTV systems and as a connection cable for satellite systems where lower attenuation required. 
Remark Other specs available according to clients requests. 
Characteristics Impedance: 75+/-3 Ohm Velocity of Propagation: 85%
Return Loss: >=20dB Capacitance  :54+3pF/m Reference Attenuation [@ 68F. (20.)]
  10MHz     1.2dB/100 m 
50MHz     4.5dB/100 m 
100MHz    5.3dB/100 m
200MHz    8.6dB/100 m 
400MHz    12.3dB/100 m 
700MHz    17.1dB/100 m
900MHz    19.0dB/100 m 
1000MHz   20.1dB/100 m
1300MHz   22.9dB/100 m
1450MHz   24.5dB/100 m

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