Which kind of wiring is the best


Wiring are done for Specific application. Their is over […]

Wiring are done for Specific application. Their is over thousand of different cable configuration often adapted to the application.

House Wiring: For house wiring, the building code applicable for your location is the only valid reference. This varies from city to city in USA, Province to Province in Canada and certainly in between different countries.

High Voltage: Often aluminum conductor of a particular size depending on the number of AMP to carry. For the largest cable, either use ACSR (Aluminum Conductor steel reinforced . Other type are also use depending on the application.

Low Voltage : For low voltage wiring, their is virtually hundred of different type of cable… The best one depend on the application.

Thermostat and door bell: Generally, the 2 pair phone cable is acceptable. Some thermostat need more then 4 wire — so, a CAT 5 cable is often use.

Ethernet: For Ethernet, the most common are CAT 5, CAT 5e and CAT 6. CAT 7 is use in special application. If you have old installation and operate Ethernet at 10 Mbits/s : CAT 3 and CAT 4 (pretty rare) are very acceptable.

Welding: Welding cable are build of very finely stranded copper wire for flexibility.