Use knowledge of high temperature wires


High temperature wire is a commonly used wire type, whi […]

High temperature wire is a commonly used wire type, which has excellent flame resistance, aging resistance, and long service life. It is widely used in many fields.

Features/uses of high temperature wires

It has corrosion resistance, oil resistance, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, strong oxidizer, etc.; it has electrical insulation properties, high voltage resistance, low frequency loss, no moisture absorption, and large insulation resistance. In the electronics industry, it can be used for temperature compensation wires, low temperature resistance wires, high temperature heating wires, aging resistance wires and flame retardant wires; in the household appliance industry, it can be used for air conditioners, microwave ovens, electronic disinfection cabinets, electric rice bulg Internal wiring of heaters, electric ovens, electric frying pans, lamps and lanterns.

Naming rules for high temperature wires

1. What's included in the product name
(1) Product application occasion or size category name
(2) Product structure material or type;
(3) Important features or additional features of the product
Basically named in the above order, sometimes in order to emphasize important or additional features, write the features before or before the corresponding structure description.
2. The order of structure description
The product structure description is based on the principle from the inside to the outside: conductor --> insulation --> inner sheath --> outer sheath --> armor type.
3. Simplify
Under the circumstance that will not cause confusion, some structural descriptions are omitted or abbreviated. For example, aluminum conductors are not allowed in automobile wires and flexible wires, so the conductor materials are not described.

Application of high temperature wire

High-temperature wires are mainly used in communications, automobiles, motors, construction and other industries, such as mobile flexible wires, rubber insulated flexible power cables, control wires, heat-resistant building wires, automotive wires, aviation wires, locomotive wires, electrical and electrical lead wires Wait.