Solutions to 3 common problems in copper wire drawing(1)


The production of copper single wire is a matter that e […]

The production of copper single wire is a matter that every manufacturer pays great attention to, because the quality and efficiency of wire drawing directly affect the process of subsequent work of the manufacturer, and it plays a decisive role in the quality of the cable. The following briefly discusses Several problems often encountered in the production of wire drawing machine.
Precise control of product's outer diameter deviation
As the copper wire drawing equipment can perform uninterrupted production during the production process, the drawing speed will gradually be inconsistent with the annealing speed, which will cause the wire diameter to be discontinuous and irregular during the drawing due to the fast and slow traction speed. There are several reasons for this phenomenon:
1. The tension on the spool is unstable. There are many places where air pressure is used during production in the production workshop, which may cause the air pressure of the wire drawing machine air pump to be unstable, which also makes the tension of the wire accumulator not constant, and because the take-up speed is constant, this The pulling force to which the wire is drawn is also not constant, which can cause the outer diameter deviation of the single wire to not be accurately controlled.
2. Vibration of copper wire on annealing wheel. The copper wire is annealed for a while, and the current passed during annealing is also large and small. The strength of the copper wire at a higher speed is relatively low, so it is easy to cause the copper wire to anneal. Sparks on the surface, making the surface of the copper wire uneven due to the effect of sparks.
3. Wear caused by long-term use of the main motor gear box. This will cause the speed of the fixed-speed wheel and the speed of the traction and the speed of the take-up to be ununiform during the drawing process, which will cause the monofilament to be thinned due to friction problems.
Solution: do a good job of lubricating the wire accumulator, in order to prevent the wire from being thinned due to the friction caused by the friction problem at high speed; adjust the tension of the wire so that the stroke of the wire is always close to the annealing wheel ; To ensure the integrity of the rim of the annealing wheel, to avoid the annealing current instability due to the surface defects of the rim.
Redraw the wire drawing machine according to the specific problems of the wire drawing machine: adjust according to the drawing principle so that the speed of the annealing wheel / speed of the fixed speed wheel = forward slip coefficient × the diameter of the speed wheel / the diameter of the annealing wheel The diameter is known, and the speed of the fixed speed wheel and the annealing wheel can also be measured. From this, the forward slip coefficient can be obtained. The slip coefficient can be used to re-mold the wire drawing machine so that the allocated mold can meet the requirements.