Reasons for coating fireproof materials in cables


A cable is a carrier that guarantees the normal transmi […]

A cable is a carrier that guarantees the normal transmission of power. Once a cable fire occurs, it will not only interrupt the transmission of power, but also cause injury or death to other equipment or personnel near the accident site. Therefore, it is very necessary to strengthen the fire and fire resistance characteristics of the cable, especially the application of fire and fire resistant coatings on the cable is the most common method.
Why do cables need to be coated with fireproof coating? First of all, applying cable fireproof coating to the cable can be used to ensure that the cable is not easy to burn in the flame and to ensure that the cable can maintain normal operation for a certain period of time. The fireproof coating of the cable will form a carbonized layer after burning, preventing the flame from burning into the cable, and protecting the cable line. Second, compared with other fire protection methods, it is more economical and convenient to apply fire and fire resistant coatings on cables.

Because the cable fireproof coating is thin and good in heat dissipation, it has little effect on the current carrying capacity of the cable and can be ignored. When the cable is laid in a fire box or fire bridge, the current carrying capacity of the power cable will be reduced. Therefore, in the project, the energy consumption of spraying the fireproof coating is lower than the energy consumption of laying in the tank box and the fireproof bridge, which reduces the engineering cost and is more economical and affordable.
Fireproof coatings for cables are an effective way to prevent fires from spreading outward and inward. In general, most cables are laid in pipe wells, which should produce a chimney effect during fires, especially in high-rise buildings. If the cable is not coated with fireproof paint, it is easy to cause the fire to spread and cause large-scale combustion. Therefore, the flame retardant performance of cables has a lot to do with the spread of fire.