Precautions for the handling of cables in transportation and fire prevention measures


(1) During the loading and unloading and transportation […]

(1) During the loading and unloading and transportation of cables, it is necessary to avoid collision and damage of cables and cable reels, and it is not allowed to push the cable reels directly from the vehicle. The cables should not be transported flat and stored flat.
(2) Before transporting or rolling the cable tray, the cable tray must be secure. The cable should be tightly tightened. The oil pipe between the oil-filled cable and the pressure tank should be fixed. It should not be damaged. The pressure tank should be firm and the pressure indication should meet the requirements.
(3) using flame retardant cables;
(4) Adopting a fireproof cable bracket;
(5) using fireproof coatings;
(6) Fireproof partition walls and fireproof baffles shall be provided at cable tunnels, mezzanine exits, etc.;
(7) Overhead cables should be avoided from oil pipelines and explosion-proof doors. Otherwise, local pipe penetration or fire prevention measures should be taken.