Method for long-term storage of cables


1. Under the eaves. Cables should not be exposed to dir […]

1. Under the eaves. Cables should not be exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures, and piping is recommended.
2, the outer wall. Pay attention to occlusion to avoid long-term exposure to the wall and vandalism.
3. In the pipeline (plastic or metal). Pipe storage, you should check the thermal conductivity and integrity of the pipe in time.
4, suspended applications / overhead cable. Depending on the requirements of the cable application, the appropriate fixing method and the cable can be directly exposed to sunlight depending on the characteristics.
5, laying directly in the underground cable trench, this is to limit the environmental factors within the controllable range. Cable trenches should be checked regularly to ensure they meet the conditions of use.
6. Underground pipelines. For future cable upgrades, the auxiliary pipe is a better way to place the cable. But the pipeline can't be kept dry or at a suitable temperature forever, so there are many considerations in choosing a cable.