Main features of prefabricated branch cables


With the rapid development of the national economy, the […]

With the rapid development of the national economy, the pace of urbanization is also accelerating. At present, the structure of high-rise buildings has replaced most of the traditional low-rise buildings scattered in various cities, but at the same time, the electricity demand and other safety requirements brought by high-rise buildings are much higher than in the past. In order to alleviate these existing problems, pre-branch cable technology came into being. The pre-branch cable technology can not only safely transmit the electric energy in the strong electric shaft to each floor and distribute it to the residents on each floor, but also effectively ensure the safety of electricity use and energy saving of high-rise buildings.

Prefabricated branch cables are the main and branch cable models, specifications, cross-sections, lengths and branch locations required by the cable users. A series of special production equipment in the factory, and branch cables are completed on the assembly line.

The main advantages of prefabricated branch cables:
1. Can significantly reduce power distribution costs
(1) Compared with the closed bus duct, the price is cheaper and the project cost is reduced, and the economic index is high, the comprehensive benefit is obvious, and the specifications are complete, the selection is flexible, and the combination is arbitrary;
(2) The branch head can arbitrarily set the branch position according to the needs of the power distribution point of the power distribution system;
2. Low installation environment requirements and easy construction
(1) The occupied building area is small, and there is no requirement for the space size of civil works;
(2) It is simple to lay, easy to install, and has low environmental requirements. It can be directly laid in cable trenches, in special cable shafts of buildings, or in different cable trays, with low installation accuracy;
(3) Compared with the closed bus duct, the cable direction is random and the bending radius is small, which greatly reduces the difficulty of construction and reduces the space size;
(4) The installation labor intensity is small, the construction period is short, only one tenth of the closed bus duct installation.
3. Excellent shock resistance, air tightness, water resistance and fire resistance
(1) It has excellent seismic resistance. Generally, closed mechanical connection bus ducts are installed in parallel on the wall. When the wall is shaken, the joints of the closed bus duct become loose, and the prefabricated branch cables will not be affected. Especially when passing through the settlement joint of the building, no measures are needed;
(2) Good airtightness and water resistance, can operate normally in a humid environment, and can also be laid in the open air or buried in the soil;
(3) When the fire-resistant prefabricated branch cable is burning, maintain normal power transmission operation for 90 minutes.
Four, maintenance-free
(1) After installation with branch cables according to the prescribed method, the one-time opening rate is high;
(2) The entire system of prefabricated branch cables in normal operation does not require any maintenance and maintenance at ordinary times;
(3) The emergency repair of the later accident is simple and the maintenance cost is extremely low.
Disadvantages of prefabricated branch cables:
(1). It cannot be produced on the construction site, and the factory must use professional equipment for production;
(2) The location of the branch head and the actual length of the trunk and branch cables need to be measured before they can be manufactured in the factory, and the accuracy of the measured data needs to be guaranteed.