Inspection methods of wire and cable products


There are a variety of inspection methods for wire and […]

There are a variety of inspection methods for wire and cable products. According to different inspection methods and functions, they can be divided into the following types:
1. Divided by process stage: pre-inspection and intermediate inspection;
2. Divided by inspection location: fixed inspection, mobile inspection or roving inspection;
3. Divided by inspection personnel: self-inspection means self-inspection and full-time inspection;
4. Divided by inspection quantity: general inspection and sampling inspection;
5. There is also a preventive inspection, which usually refers to the first article inspection and statistical inspection. The first inspection is a quality inspection of the first event. The so-called statistical test is a test method that uses the principles of mathematical statistics and probability to determine the product quality and its development trend through the inspection and analysis of a certain number of products.
6. Factory inspection tests include routine tests, sampling tests and type tests.