How to not easily damage the cable sheath when pulling the pipe


Under normal circumstances, when installing and wiring […]

Under normal circumstances, when installing and wiring cables, a layer of pipe is required on the jacket. When the pipe is worn, a plastic shield is wrapped at the mouth of the pipe. Today, I will show you how to prevent the skin of the cable from being easily scratched when pulling the pipe.
When the cable runs through the tube, the outer skin of the cable near the mouth of the cable will be scraped off if you do not pay attention. The outer sheath of the cable is mainly used to protect the function of the conductor inside the cable, and at the same time to enhance the mechanical properties of the cable. If the outer sheath is damaged, the conductor is vulnerable to damage, which may cause the cable to not work properly, such as the network cable cannot transmit the network or power cord. Power cannot be supplied normally. Adopting a plastic protective cover can ensure that the sheath of the wires and cables is not scratched.
Before passing the cable, it is better to return the wire first. When a coil of wire is pulled out, it must be pulled back while pulling it out. This way the drawn wire will be more conformable and straight, and it is not easy to be entangled, saving time for the pipe.
If the cables are too long, it is easier to twist them together accidentally, but at this time, do not pull the wires with force, it is easy to tear the core.