Five-step purchase of high quality cable method


The quality of cable has been plaguing everyone, but in […]

The quality of cable has been plaguing everyone, but in the end it is because of the production process, cut corners, and shoddy reasons. Even if it is a national standard cable, there will be errors within the allowable range. Especially today's production process has been able to minimize the error, so there is the national standard difference.
In other words, the same national standard cable with the same model and specifications, but the current carrying capacity is very different. In order to prevent accidental purchase of this national standard, we can check the following five aspects.
First, check
First check the cable certificate, 3C certification mark, specifications and other information to see if it is the national standard cable, whether it meets the national standard cable standard, and initially check the cable quality.
Second, look
Tear off the outer sheath of the cable and look at the color of the conductor inside. The color of the good conductor is purple-red and the gloss is soft. The color of the bad conductor is dark and dark. The conductors have different degrees of inferiority and their electrical conductivity is different, so the conductor color can be used to further judge the quality of the cable.
Third, touch
The high-quality cable touches the surface of the cable smoothly and flat, and it will feel slight elasticity. The inferior cable will have some burrs on the rough surface, and the outer insulation will be slightly scraped off by hand to leave traces. The insulation layer is elastic. Poor.
Four fold
In one part of the cable, the cable is repeatedly bent. The high-quality cable can be felt soft and inferior in the process of repeated bending. After repeated bending, the first layer of obvious color trace appears, indicating its insulation flexibility. Not good, the insulation layer is hard, and it is prone to leakage when used for a long time.
 Five, burning
Fire the insulation layer with fire to observe the flame retardancy of the cable insulation. High-quality cable, use a lighter to directly ignite the insulation layer, it is difficult to be lit, or after the point, the lighter is extinguished, and the ignition point will automatically extinguish within 5 seconds. On the contrary, it proves that the flame insulation of the cable insulation is too poor and the cable quality is not good.