Fireproof cable product introduction


At present, in the fields of fire protection and fire s […]

At present, in the fields of fire protection and fire safety, there are more and more fire protection requirements for cables. Flameproof cables are the general term for cables with fire resistance performance. They are usually divided into two categories: flameproof cables and fire-resistant cables.

The fire performance of the cable mainly includes the following points:

1) Flameretardancy-retards and delays the spread of flames along wires and cables, so that the fire does not expand.

2) Fire resistance (Fireresistance)-it can keep running for a certain period of time under the condition of flame burning, that is, maintain the integrity of the circuit (CircuitIntegrity).

3) Freehalogen-The materials that make up the wires and cables do not contain halogen, and their combustion products are less corrosive and will not cause secondary harm to equipment and personnel.

4) Low smoke (Lowsmoke)-less smoke and dust generated when wires and cables are burned, that is, higher light transmittance, which is helpful for fire rescue and escape.

If V (polyvinyl chloride) is included in the cable model, the cable should be a halogen-containing cable, which cannot be represented by WDZ (halogen-free low-smoke flame retardant). It should also be noted that it is affected by the characteristics of the material (melting point). ), aluminum core cables usually have no fire-resistant models.