Compared with other cables(2)


3. No peculiar smell and corrosive smell, no peculiar s […]

3. No peculiar smell and corrosive smell, no peculiar smell and corrosive gas, no HCL and other toxic gas, no pollution to the environment. Some environmentally-friendly coated cable materials basically do not generate harmful gases to the human body during use and combustion. It has environmental protection features such as ensuring personal safety and avoiding equipment damage.
4, high light transmittance, the smoke produced by the environmentally friendly cable when burning is relatively thin, which is conducive to escape and rescue work. Its light transmittance is higher than 40%, which is higher than the traditional light transmittance standard of 20%.
The last one is the performance of environmental protection cable waterproof and ultraviolet protection. Due to the special molecular structure of environmental protection cable, to ensure the production of ultra-low water absorption of green environmental protection materials. The special ultraviolet absorber makes the product have good anti-ultraviolet performance.