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With the development of the economy and environmental p […]

With the development of the economy and environmental problems, people's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. In the use of products, environmental protection is the first, and cable products are taken as an example. In some people-intensive or closed-type occasions, environmentally-friendly cables with less or no impact on personnel and the environment are generally selected. What are the advantages of environmentally friendly cables over other cables?
Compared with ordinary cables, environmentally friendly cables have the following advantages:
First, it has high flame retardancy. The flame retardancy of cables has a crucial effect on places with high safety and fire resistance requirements. Not only the cables are not easy to burn, but also can prevent the burning range from expanding.
Second, halogen-free, environmentally friendly cable, green insulation, special anti-oxidation materials used, the product has excellent electrical and mechanical properties. The material used does not contain halogen, which can well prevent the formation of toxic gases generated during the combustion of traditional PVC wires during the combustion process, and avoid secondary pollution.