Causes and hazards of unqualified cables(1)


Cables are connectors for power transmission, informati […]

Cables are connectors for power transmission, information transmission, and electromagnetic energy conversion. During the sampling survey of cable products, a large number of unqualified products were found. These unqualified products buried many hidden dangers for the normal operation of the power system.
1. Identify unqualified cables. The identification is the primary way to identify the basic information of the cable product and to determine the quality of the product. According to the regulations, the main information of the cable identification is: product model, specification, date of manufacture, name of the factory, place of origin, etc. When the identification is unqualified, it will be given Construction personnel may cause identification errors and may cause some electrical accidents.
2. Cables with unqualified structural dimensions. The main problem of the structural size of the cable is the thickness of the sheath and the thickness of the insulation. When the sheath and insulation thickness of the cable are unqualified, the electrical resistance of the cable is greatly reduced, resulting in a significant reduction in the service life of the cable. Seriously, the wire and cable may be broken down, and the insulating (sheath) layer may not be protected normally, causing an electrical short circuit or fire.